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Get Into It Recs : basic shirt

YO get crewed up; black Gildan Ultra shirts with embroidered GIIR logo, as designed by our own Ben Bowsher.

Available right now in limited quantities


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And, here it is.

This is an initial plan for a wall mural that is going up in an upcoming venue. There are areas that have been ‘scribbled’ out because I couldn’t get the same detail on this small a scale, but either way I’m super happy with it, and seriously excited to do the real thing. 

Well hello there, why is this getting notes it’s not the plan haha.

fuckin word tho

this fucking rules


erasing you from my life hurts more than never getting to be a part of yours.

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7 Celebrations. 7 Unanswered goals. 2 game lead in the series. 

The sharks are on fire.

Snoop Dogg is the greatest human that ever lived. Prove me wrong,


New addition for SCREWSFEST

Set times getting sorted later :)

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